This page lists a bunch of links I visit regularly:
  1. Destination Kochi/Cochin: My website about my hometown
  2. Top 5 Oxford: A site I create for visitors to Oxford
  3. Linux tools: A collection of Linux tools that I use quite frequently
  4. Google: You don't have to know everything. But, you need to know where to look for it
  5. Merriam-Webster: The online version of the famous dictionary
  6. Acronym Finder: There is an acronym for everything these days!
  7. Internet Movie Database: Just about everything you need to know about a movie
  8. Wikipedia: The free online encyclopedia
  9. Hotmail: The first free email service I used
  10. Google Gmail: The best free email service I use
  11. BBC Online - International Edition: For a comprehensive coverage of worldwide news
  12. CNN Online - International Edition: Another comprehensive news site
  13. Samachar: The one-stop shop for news related to India
  14. Slashdot: Tech news and discussion galore
  15. Google Maps UK: UK maps and directions
  16. Google Earth: Satellite imagery from around the world. Highly addictive!
  17. Multimap: UK maps and directions
  18. Mediacorp Singapore: Live internet radio from Mediacorp Singapore
  19. Nature: Nature magazine online
  20. Yahoo Currency converter: A good tool for quick conversions
  21. SourceForge: For some really good open source software
  22. About.com (Humour): Reasonably good joke site
  23. Time Zones: Find the time in any part of the world
  24. Open RBL: Domain/IP/DNS lookup
  25. CNET: Software and IT reviews
  26. BBC Weather Centre: Check the forecast before you travel
  27. CricInfo: If you aren't able to watch a cricket match, follow it online